What is a TM39?

TM39 Metering Strategy Advice, published by CIBSE, guides organisations in improving their commercial building and facility metering practices for enhanced decision-making. This guidance document delves into the installation, management, and utilisation of energy and utility meters, enabling precise monitoring and control of energy consumption and resource utilisation.

Supporting on energy management, sustainability, and cost optimisation, TM39 equips building owners, operators, and facility managers with the knowledge to develop robust metering strategies. It covers electrical, gas, water, and sub-metering applications, highlighting their significance in energy management. The guidance also details data collection, energy performance assessment, resource allocation, sub-metering advantages, data analysis, and reporting.

Here at CSR Sustain, we understand that TM39 is a valuable tool to help our clients implement metering strategies to enhance their building’s performance. Speak to our team today for guidance. 

Why should you consider TM39 Metering Strategy Advice?

How do we achieve this?

Initial Assessment

We provide an initial assessment of the organisations energy and resource management needs, goals, and challenges. Understand the organisations existing metering infrastructure and practices.

Data Analysis

Gather historical energy consumption data and utility bills to analyse past usage patterns. Conduct on-site assessments to understand the facility’s layout, equipment, and systems.

Management Plan

In our recommendations report, we create a phased implementation plan that outlines the deployment of measures and processes for achieving full metering coverage. With regular performance evaluations of the metering strategy and adjustments if needed.

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