What is BS EN 16247?

BS EN 16247 is a comprehensive European standard designed to enhance energy efficiency through the systematic practice of energy audits across various sectors, including industrial, commerce, residential buildings, and transportation systems. It guides the journey toward sustainability and cost-effective energy practices.

At its core, BS EN 16247 seeks to standardise and improve the intricate process of energy auditing, making it rigorous, consistent, and reliable. This standard empowers organisations to reveal hidden energy-saving opportunities and enhance energy efficiency. Compliance allows organisations to analyse energy consumption, identify improvement areas, and take steps toward cost reduction and environmental responsibility.

We are here to support organisations embark on a journey towards continuous improvement, enabling them to refine their energy management strategies and achieve lasting, positive impacts on energy performance.

Why should you consider a BS EN 16247 Energy Audit?

How do we achieve this?

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we grasp the building owner’s energy management goals and audit scope. Subsequently, we meticulously plan the audit’s objectives, team, resources, and schedule.



Data Analysis

Our energy audit process aligns with BS EN 16247, ensuring a systematic approach to assess energy usage, identify improvements, and offer tailored recommendations for enhanced efficiency. We evaluate the performance of energy systems and identify opportunities for improvement



A report is created with recommendations on how to further improve their building’s energy performance, with cost estimates and payback periods. After implementation, we monitor the results to ensure that the measures are achieving the expected outcomes and provide ongoing support for further improvements.



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