Palladium Group are an overseas investor who focus on value enhancement to commercial buildings with strong long-term prospects.

Their Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals are to ensure modern working environments, by achieving the best possible EPC rating to attract energy-conscious tenants. CSR Sustain were approached by Bloc Building Consultancy, on behalf of Palladium Group, to audit their building and assess its current EPC rating and advise Bloc with recommendations on how to improve the rating in compliance with MEES.


After being approached by Bloc Building Consultancy, CSR Sustain assessed Palladium Group’s commercial property asset against the following energy efficiency:

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Assessments
  • Recommendations across other areas of reporting

CSR Sustain then provided recommendations for improving the building’s energy efficiency, while BLoc managed the project and implemented the energy-saving changes. In addition, several of the building upgrades included LED lighting, improved HVAC system, and the introduction of PV solar panels – which all aimed to reduce energy consumption.

"“We’re thrilled with CSR Sustain’s thorough work during this project. Sustainability is now a priority for our clients, and their expert assessment and recommendations are the reason our client’s EPC rating was improved so much.”"

Chris Matthews, Director at Bloc Building Consultancy
The Challenge

Palladium Group’s ESG objectives were simple: to achieve the best possible EPC rating and future proof their commercial property asset – and ultimately attract new energy-conscious tenants.

CSR Sustain were approached by Bloc Building Consultancy, and our team quickly understood the issues their client were facing. We initially held a CPD workshop to help Palladium Group understand the latest regulations for commercial buildings, and the best strategy for improving them. Then we audited, surveyed, and modelled the client’s property.

Unless a building is exempt, MEES regulations mean:

  • From April 2023, it will be unlawful to continue letting a property with an F or G rating

Furthermore, a government consultation indicates that MEES requirements could be tightened in the future. Based on this, we are forecasting that:

  • From April 2027, the minimum required EPC rating will increase to a C
  • From April 2030, the minimum required EPC rating will increase to a B

The initial calculated rating of the building was a ‘D’, due to poor performance by natural gas central heating and radiators, and split air conditioning units. CSR Sustain provided a report to Bloc outlining a number of recommendations to improve this.

Based on this report, Bloc stripped out the radiators and gas boilers throughout the building, and replaced them with a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, using ceiling-concealed fan coil units and a VRF condenser. Plus photovoltaics (PV) solar electricity panels on the roof. A major but necessary overhaul.



An EPC rating ‘A’ was achieved in line with MEES compliance with a 62% reduction in energy consumption resulting in…

79,662 kWh

estimated energy reduction


estimated utility cost reduction


estimated annual carbon saving

Our thorough audit and recommended building upgrades were implemented by Bloc via the installation of renewable-energy PV solar panels, and a much-improved HVAC system. CSR Sustain then undertook a revised energy assessment, which aligned with the recent NCM changes, showing the property had achieved an ‘A’ rating. A significant improvement from the original ‘D’ rating – and well in advance of forthcoming MEES deadline.

"Thanks to CSR Sustain, we helped our client not only meet the very tough requirements for MEES compliance, but also reach one of the highest environmental targets in the world of building surveying."

Chris Matthews, Director at Bloc Building Consultancy

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