What is NABERS UK?

NABERS UK is a voluntary rating system for large commercial buildings typically <1000m2. Their benchmark performance is based on actual energy consumption taken from metering data and provides a standardised and transparent way to measure and compare the environmental performance of different buildings, promoting sustainability and driving improvements in building design, construction, and operation. Building owners can voluntarily participate in NABERS to obtain ratings for their buildings and showcase their commitment to environmental responsibility.

At CSR Sustain, we help clients navigate the NABERS UK certification process, providing tailored strategies for optimising energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing asset and operational performance. Speak to our team today to get started.

Why should you consider NABERS UK?

How do we achieve this?

Initial Assessment

We gather the necessary information from client specifications, conduct on-site property assessments, and collect data on building fabric, systems, and energy sources to verify the accuracy of the data provided.

Data Analysis

The collected data is used to perform energy calculations to calculate the building’s NABERS rating. The rating is typically expressed as a star rating. More stars indicate higher levels of sustainability and efficiency.


We prepare a NABERS UK rating report detailing the building’s performance and present our findings to the NABERS program. After this, building owner or manager receives a NABERS certificate and is allowed to promote their building’s rating. We also provide NABERS Improvement Roadmap reports.

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