Our circular three-step process

From our offices in London and Manchester, we have helped clients across the UK and Europe with their building energy performance thanks to our circular, three-phase management cycle.

Through Benchmarking, Monitoring & Targeting, and Optimisation we take a holistic approach to energy efficiency. It covers every service your property may require, including EPC certificates, building analytics and MEES solutions, plus energy audits for helping larger businesses achieve Net Zero – and much more.

Once your property is optimised, it’s always back to the Benchmarking phase to identify your latest rating and provide strategies and solutions to improve this further. Only by continually providing updated ratings and taking preventative measures to avoid energy drift can we help you achieve the best possible energy efficiency ratings.


For every type of building, we collect and analyse energy data to evaluate the property’s energy performance, identify areas for improvement, and determine its relative position against established standards, industry peers, or recognised benchmarks.

& Targeting


Maximising energy efficiency and cost savings and minimising energy waste in all aspects of the property’s operations, systems and equipment – via strategies, technologies and practices – while maintaining or enhancing occupant comfort and productivity.

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