What is a TM54 Assessment?

The TM54 assessment is a vital tool for architects, designers, and building professionals involved in designing sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. Its purpose is to evaluate the operational energy performance of a building during its use phase, ensuring that it operates efficiently and sustainably.

Key aspects of TM54 include a focus on optimising energy efficiency through design choices, the use of building simulation software for energy predictions, benchmarking against industry standards and sustainability certifications, and accounting for local climate conditions in design decisions. Integrating renewable energy sources and considering occupant comfort are also essential components.

The assessment promotes the documentation of design decisions, energy calculations, and modelling by encouraging continuous improvement in design choices to enhance energy performance and sustainability. For over 15 years, we have providing expertise in energy-efficient building design, helping our clients create greener, more sustainable buildings.

Why should you consider a TM54 Assessment?

How do we achieve this?

Data Gathering and Preparation

We collect project information, define energy performance objectives, and conduct a climate analysis. Then we use this data to create an energy model, calculate baseline energy use, and explore design iterations.

Benchmarking and Reporting

We benchmark the design against relevant standards, integrate renewable energy options, and optimise design choices. We document the entire process to generate a comprehensive report summarising findings.

Implementation and Improvement

If necessary, we collaborate with the project team to implement recommended design changes. After construction, we can monitor actual energy use to enhance energy performance continuously for future projects.

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