What is HVAC Optimisation?

Our HVAC monitoring tool taps into a building’s existing Building Management System (BMS) to draw data from various building sensor points including: temperature and humidity sensors, air and water pressure sensors, valve/ damper actuators, energy consumption, and other relevant parameters. This information is then analysed to assess the HVAC system’s performance, identify potential issues or inefficiencies, and optimise its operation.

Our comprehensive HVAC Optimisation service through our monitoring platform enables our clients to enhance financial and environmental performance through the digitisation of building operations and better decision making.

We only require three pieces of information to integrate to your building. All onboarding steps are self-serve and can be performed using your account.

Why consider our HVAC Optimisation service?

How do we achieve this?

Platform Integration

Our monitoring platform integrates with the building control system to collect data from both BMS (e.g. HVAC, lighting, indoor air quality, sub-metering) and third party providers and APIs (e.g. utility metering and weather stations). We require your BMS system to be BACnet/ IP compatible or support automated CSV exports.

Data Acquisition

Our platform continues to collect data from controllers during outbound internet disruption. Third party data is collected and combined with building system data via API, web connection methods, scheduled CSV extracts and more. All data is securely stored in the cloud and exportable via the online Platform via CSV and API methods.


A digital model of every piece of building equipment is created that is normalised against a standard data model. We deploy our complex algorithm developed and tested over the course 8+ years by expert engineers across all equipment to continuously monitor the entire building system – locating points of failure and waste. Our Actions Engine makes it easy for operations teams and service technicians to fix issues and share progress and takes the guesswork out of equipment maintenance.

What is an Automated Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD)?

Our advanced Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) system surpasses standard Building Management Systems (BMS) by aggregating diverse building data to optimise equipment performance and reduces inefficiencies transform raw data into actionable insights.

While your BMS collects data, it’s not designed for self-analysis and self-tuning. Integrating BMS with FDD software empowers faster, informed decision-making, enabling facilities managers to innovate, add value, and enhance customer experiences. This leads to benefits like energy efficiency, equipment longevity, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced occupant comfort.

What is Data-Driven or Predictive Maintenance?

Our monitoring platform complements your BMS to enable early anomaly detection, lifecycle enhancement, and reduced energy and cost consumption. It uses AI machine learning, historical data, and real-time sensor information, to predict equipment failures and supports proactive maintenance.

Commercial building stakeholders benefit from early issue identification, efficient maintenance, data-driven procurement, and performance improvement.

Benefits of Using Our Platform for Your Predictive Maintenance Strategies

Early Issue Identification

Our platform excels in spotting potential problems well before they become major issues. This early detection prevents costly repairs and minimises equipment downtime.

Efficient Maintenance Scheduling

By anticipating maintenance requirements, you can allocate resources more effectively and optimise maintenance activities. This leads to reduced operational costs and labor expenses.

Informed Decision-Making

Our platform provides actionable insights that empower smarter procurement decisions. It assists in prioritising investments in equipment upgrades or replacements for improved performance and efficiency.

Continuous Improvement

Our platform supports continuous monitoring and analysis of building performance data. This ensures an ongoing process of optimisation and improvement in building systems and processes.

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