What does Energy Management Involve?

Effective energy management is at the core of sustainable and cost-efficient operations. At CSR Sustain, we offer a holistic suite of services to streamline your energy management processes. From meticulous utility and meter data management to rigorous invoice validation, our expertise extends to providing in-depth energy analytics and reporting.

We also support your sustainability goals with comprehensive carbon reporting, invoice validation, and transparent tenant recharging solutions. With our integrated 3-phased approach, you can take control of your energy consumption, reduce operational costs, and enhance sustainability initiatives.

Why Should You Consider Energy Management?

How do we achieve this?

Data Collection

We collect relevant data from various sources, such as utility meters, sub-meters, smart sensors, building management systems, or IoT devices. This data may include electricity, gas, water consumption, indoor environmental conditions, and other energy-related parameters.

Analysis & Integration

We integrate the collected data into a central system or energy management platform, offering a comprehensive perspective on energy consumption. Advanced analytics techniques, like machine learning and data mining, are then used to detect trends and inefficiencies, enabling energy optimisation.

Report & Monitoring

Based on the analysis results, we provide actionable recommendations to improve energy efficiency and reduce overall consumption in commercial buildings. Our energy platform offers real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling businesses to monitor energy usage continuously and respond rapidly to anomalies.

Efficient Invoice Validation

Through our comprehensive Energy Management service, invoice validation ensures that energy invoices are accurate and are in line with the actual energy consumption. We work with property portfolio owners and building tenants to take control of their energy costs and optimise their operational efficiency.

Our thorough process involves auditing utility invoices for discrepancies. Through this service, we assist our clients in achieving a transparent and reliable energy billing system that not only safeguards them against overcharges, but also provides a solid foundation for making informed energy management decisions.

Tenant Recharging

Within a property, we accurately measuring individual tenant utility consumption and transparently bill tenants based on their actual usage. By utilising sub-meters or allocation methods, data is meticulously collected and analysed to facilitate fair and precise invoicing.

This process not only ensures equitable distribution of utility costs, but also fosters transparency and open communication between building management or landlords and tenants, ultimately enhancing property efficiency and value.

What’s Involved in Tenant Recharging?

1. Utility Metering

The commercial property has a main utility meter that measures the total consumption of utilities (such as electricity, water, gas, or heating/cooling) for the entire building

2. Sub-meters or Allocation Methods

Tenant utility usage is quantified by installing individual sub-meters for each unit, measuring precise consumption. Alternatively, allocation methods, like square footage or headcount, fairly distribute costs amongst its occupants.

3. Data Collection

Utility consumption data is collected regularly either from the sub-meters or through the allocation method. For submetering, this data is usually automatically transmitted to the building management system or utility provider.

4. Tenant Billing

Based on the collected data, each tenant’s utility usage is calculated. The tenants are then billed individually for their specific consumption. The bills may include other service charges and taxes as well.

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